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I know you.

You, the restless creative, stuck in the status quo.

Something inside of you burns painfully as you trudge along–


Doing what you’re “supposed” to do.

What pays the bills. What everyone else is doing.

You’re living a life of “quiet desperation.”

You button your shirt, straighten your tie, force a smile. Step out into a sea of work drones, selling their souls for a small piece of someone else’s fortune.

Deep inside you know you are more than this. You have no interest in someone else’s fortune–you have your own treasure–a gift, glowing. Burning like an ember in your soul.

You fear it might go out–cooled over by the stresses and pressures of the “real world.”

But still, it burns.

You want to let it out–to breathe fire. To create your own world–one where you can walk with your eyes wide open, awakened to your truest being.

I know you, because we are kindred spirits.

I tried to forget about my gift. Tried push it way down deep. I told myself it was just a childish dream–time to grow up. Move on.

But it would not be forgotten. My creative spirit scratched and clawed at my soul. I became depressed and anxious. While I sat in my cubicle, it howled, “This is wrong! You are more! Be more! Be who you are!”

After years of “quiet desperation,” I am finally listening.

I feel like I am waking from a coma, seeing life with new eyes.

But enemies abound. Fear and self-doubt try and sabotage my mission at every turn.

I know they’re after you, too.

But you’re not alone.

We are fighting an uphill battle to express our authentic selves–a quest that isn’t accepted or honored in our society.

But you and I both know we must press on. The alternative–giving up, joining the masses, letting our creative spirit wither and die–is not an option.

Thoreau said:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

We cannot die with our song still trapped inside of us. We must sing out, now.

I ask you to join me as a sing my personal truths. This journey will be ugly, messy, frightening.

But it sure beats the alternative.

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About Ivy Shelden

I am a freelance writer and blogger, making my best attempt at living an authentic, creative life. I write about creativity, health and well being, and self-development.

My passion is self-development, which to me means learning to fully accept ourselves exactly as we are, right now. This means learning you are “perfect” with all of your imperfections. There is absolutely nothing lacking.

This doesn’t mean we can’t change for the better, but we must accept ourselves completely before any change can occur. Life is a constant process of trial and error, learning and growth. The one thing we cannot do, is give up.

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Image Credit: Copyright: nomadsoul1 / 123RF Stock Photo