General Freelancing:

The Freelancer’s Essential Guide to Business and Taxes– This easy to read guide is a great intro to the “Gig Economy,” created by Justin Gomer and Jackson Hille of FormSwift.

For Freelance Writers:

Carol Tice’s Freelance Writer’s Den– This resources has been absolutely invaluable to me on my freelancing journey. The Den is a membership site that offers tons of learning materials and an entire network of experienced freelance writers to help give you feedback on your writing, and answer your countless questions!

The Den is only open several times a year, so get on their email waiting list so you can claim your spot whenever it opens! Membership is $25.00/month, but trust me, it’s priceless. Click the banner below to be taken to The Den.

The Freelance Writers Den: Reserve your seat today!

I am a contributing author in this awesome, inexpensive E-Book by Carol Tice:

FEAR NOT! Confidence-Building Insights, Tips, and Techniques for Freelance Writers - the eBook

Other Excellent E-Books:

Small Blog Big Income - Learn More about the eBook

Get paid more money for your writing! Freelance Business Bootcamp - the eBook

How to Get Great Freelance Clients

Step-by-Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success

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