There are Monsters In This World: A Poem About Fear, Self-Doubt, and Choosing Life Over Suicide

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There are Monsters In This World: A Poem About Fear, Self-Doubt, and Choosing Life Over Suicide

This poem is a guest post by Kansas-City based writer and poet Jeremy Jackson. Jeremy is in the process of building his website, so if you would like to hear more of his writing please engage with the comments on this post, and we hope he will continue to write content here at The Restless Creative!

There are Monsters In This World

A Poem by By Jeremy Jackson

There are monsters in this world,

some are big and some are small;
but those that are most dangerous
are ones you can’t see at all.

And on one stormy afternoon
not one, but two such demons struck.
There was no one to stop the fiends,
and, unopposed, they ran amok.

They didn’t fight with fang or claw,
and walls and doors were futile.
They dulled the minds of those that think,
and that’s what made them brutal.

The first would sneak up next to you
as silent as the grave.
It took it’s time, and bit by bit,
it changed how you behave.

It drained your will to live and move
and filled you with self-hate.
And by the time you noticed it
it’s already too late.

The second, then, would sidle up
and whisper in your ear:
“You’re worthless and you know it.
You’re full of doubt and fear.”

“You don’t deserve the gifts you have,
your life’s unsatisfying.
It’s pointless to keep going on,
so you should give up trying.”

When, at last, they broke your will,
this dark and evil pair
would shatter any hope that’s left
and feast on your despair.

Victim after victim fell
to this unending blight.
The monsters claimed them one by one,
there was no end in sight.

The demons cheered their victory,
there was no more resistance.
But then a subtle light appeared
and rose up in the distance.

In all the world of broken souls
some women and some men,
instead of giving up for good,
got right back up again.

“It’s useless!” Both the beasts cried out,
“We’ve beaten all of you!
The world is ours! All hope is lost!
There’s nothing you can do!”

The light continued growing
as it pushed the darkness back,
and the creatures howled in anger
at the unforeseen attack.

And as the light approached the two,
the group began to shout:
“You can’t completely kill the spark of life
with fear and doubt!”

“A spirit can be broken, yes,
a person’s hope can shatter.
And someone can become convinced
they simply do not matter.

“Through all the darkness, hate and lies
and fear and doubts you’re giving,
the most important thing is this:
we choose to keep on living!”

The light around the group stretched out,
their words rang like a bell;
and the people who’d been beaten down
rose up from where they fell.

And with that, the light burst forth,
a massive, gentle flame,
forcing both the creatures to
go back from where they came.

The darkness finally cleared away,
the sun began to shine.
But a final, fiendish whisper
entered each and every mind:

“We will always return to you,
to turn your world to night…”
The people stood up proud and said:
“And we will always fight!”


Do you struggle with the monsters of fear and self doubt? Tell us about it in the comments!


Image Credit: Copyright: fotokostic / 123RF Stock Photo


  1. Oh my goodness. This poem is so moving. I love how the words flow and you can feel the emotion. This is a really beautiful poem in that it captures the fear and devastation, but it also captures the hope and the light and the victory.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem!

    • You are welcome Paula! If you’d like updates from the Restless Creative, please enter your email into the sign-up box in the side bar to your right! We don’t update often, and will never send you spam or share your info.

      Thank you for reading!



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