The Trap of Compulsively Learning (But Never Doing)

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The Trap of Compulsively Learning (But Never Doing)

I realized something today.

I talk a lot about writing, but I don’t actually do a lot of it.

This needs to change.

When I think about it, i’m all about the idea of writing. I call myself a writer (though I often don’t believe I am one). I read a lot about writing and blogging–study it all the time, but I’ve had a blog for a couple of years now and can still count my published posts on my fingers and toes. Really?

I think sometimes we all like to hang around in that area that’s not quite failure (because we’re studying the craft), but isn’t success either, because we’re not shipping our product. We forget that actual doing–experience, is the best and quickest way to learn.

We can talk all day about our craft, but when it comes down to walking the walk and practicing, we become conveniently distracted. (Man i really need to work out…I think the bathroom needs cleaning…I should catch up on the news!)

I’ve also recently realized i’m a perfectionist. That truth kind of snuck up on me; how could I, horribly disorganized, clutter-filled house having, procrastinating, clumsy person, be a perfectionist?

Perfectionism come in different forms. Some people obsessively work at something until it’s perfect. I won’t even start something unless it’s guaranteed to be perfect, at least in my mind. This means I brainstorm for hours–ideas out the wazoo, but none of them evolve into a finished product because I’ve deemed them imperfect in some way–therefore dangerously vulnerable to criticism.

I dance around real writing, but rarely do any of it.

We’ve all got our reasons for not making our ideas happen, and they are all lame.

So I’ve decided to stop tiptoeing around my ideas and just write already. Just put it on the page.

For the next 30 days, i’m going to publish at least 1 ┬ánew blog post every day. I’m just going to open up WordPress, hit the “posts>add new” links, and just start typing, directly in the text field (*GASP* not even in a word doc first), and then I am going to hit “publish.”

Here we go.

What are your lame excuses for not practicing your craft? Sound off in the comments!




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